Selection of an appropriate free zone

How to select a free zone

Start by selecting the type of activities the company will engage in

The choice of a free zone depends on the nature of the company’s activities. It’s essential to select a free zone that can provide licensing for those specific activities and offer optimal infrastructure to support them. For example, if the company specializes in air transportation and related services, proximity to Dubai International Airport with its advanced transportation infrastructure is crucial – in such a scenario Dubai Airport Free Zone (DAFZ) would be highly recommended, as it offers business licensing across more than 20 industries.

Determine the number of visa quotas required for your company

For certain clients, the number of visa quotas is a crucial factor when selecting a free zone. For instance, Meydan Free Zone offers 6 visa quotas without requiring the rental of a physical office, whereas most other free zones typically offer only 3 visa quotas.

Consider the location requirements and availability of a physical office

For a free zone that mandates the rental of a physical office (without offering a “virtual” office option), or if your intention is to rent an office for business operations in the UAE, it’s advisable to choose the most conveniently situated free zone. Typically, the office should be located within the free zone where the company is registered. However, an exception exists with Meydan Free Zone, which allows the rental of offices in mainland Dubai.

Consider your time and financial resources

Registration speed, fees, and office rental costs can vary significantly depending on the chosen free zone.

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